3:e pris Euro Velo Stops

Förslaget ”Saddle bag” av MAP har fått ett 3:e pris i Bee Breeders arkitekttävlingen Euro Velo stops!

Juryns utlåtande:

”Designed to mimic the shape of a cyclist’s saddle bag, this project offers perhaps the most stand-out form of all the submissions. It features an enclosure of twin-wall polycarbonate and metal, both recyclable materials. The side door slides shut at night to protect the bikes as well as the cyclists within. Its compact form provides a no-waste spatial solution for up to four people, and offers various versions of the design and program for different capacities and uses. While the pill-shape section of the structure provides well-considered headroom within that is also self-draining against exterior rain, one might question the shape of its lower-curved half, which is labeled ‘technical space.’ The images and drawings are striking and the jury commends this work.”

Se MAPs presentation av förslaget här.